REACH Romania

Mission to Romania (November 2003)

REACH Romania, a Swindon-based inter-church mission which has recently been approved as a registered charity, has recently completed a mission to Romania which lasted from 8th-16th November. Dr Stephen Brooke and Mr Kjell Andersson spent a week in Suceava in the Moldovia province of NE Romania. They flew from Heathrow to Bucharest and had a 6 hour train ride to Suceava, where they stayed in the Christ for the Nations Bible School.

While in Romania, the major objective was to teach a Level 1 course in Christian Counselling, a course which is accredited by the Association of Christian Counsellors. 28 students took part, and they were enthusiastic and appreciative of the teaching.
Street evangelism also took place in mornings, with the opportunity to present the Gospel by one to one conversations with people in the market or bus station. Kjell and Stephen preached in the local church on Sunday morning and enjoyed renewed fellowship with friends made over the years in Romania.

A substantial sum of money was handed over for the Christmas project which involves buying gifts for one of the local children’s homes. These children often receive no presents at Christmas, and this is a very palpable expression of Christian love for them.

Dr Brooke ran a clinic one morning for 3 hours which was very well attended by Bible college students, friends, relatives and neighbours. Medicines were bought with funds raised in England and these were dispensed free of charge to the patients.

The next mission planned by REACH Romania is likely to be in May 2004 and we welcome contact from anyone who would like to be involved with us.

Dr Stephen Brooke
Medical Director, REACH Romania